22 January 2013

mix no. 16


One of my favorite music mixes I've made is this Sixties-esque Mix. Since I still can't get enough of harmonies and hand-claps, here's volume two: more contemporary songs that feature elements of '60s rock and pop.



01.  Keep Me in Mind - Little Joy
02.  French Navy - Camera Obscura
03.  Get Lost - The Babies
04.  I'm Gonna Try - Shimmering Stars
05.  Spinoza - Generationals
06.  She's Thunderstorms - Arctic Monkeys
07.  Stranger - Lissie
08.  Goes Out - Play People
09.  Sleeping in the Beetle Bug - of Montreal
10.  Searching Through the Past - Bleached
11.  16th & Valencia Roxy Music - Devendra Banhart
12.  Trouble in Paradise - The Like
13.  Future Primitive - Papercuts
14.  Headlights - Sean Lennon
15.  Where I'm Going - Cut Copy
16.  The Start of Something - Voxtrot
17.  I Follow You - Melody's Echo Chamber
18.  Why Bother? - Weezer
19.  I Can't Keep You in My Mind - La Sera
20.  Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cats
21.  Again and Again - Mikal Cronin
22.  Parachutes - Jenn Grant
23.  Old Friend - Caveman

Original cover images found here and here.

14 January 2013

goodbye, 2012


An animal-filled fall...at a "Meet the Breeds" expo I even got to pet my dream dog, the English Mastiff! Favorite cooking experiments included pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls, pumpkin cheesecake brownies, homemade queso blanco dip, and triple ginger molasses cookies. So many besties visited New York, meaning much beer was had.

Then I celebrated the new year at a nautical-themed party, the Eighties cover band wearing captain's hats as sea-green balloons drifted down on us at midnight. I danced, surrounded by my favorite people, until my voice went raw. It was marvelous.

Indeed, this year had its share of marvelosity and I've been fortunate in countless ways. But I feel justified in saying overall, on a personal and physical level, 2012 was not very kind.

I guess all I can do is play alchemist and turn "unlucky" 2013 into gold. Tomorrow I'll bake donuts for the first time. Next week I'm taking a train trip south for some puppy love. Next month, a dinner party built on puff pastry and mulled wine. I'm living on plans and little pleasures, taking things one day at a time.

I hope your Gregorian calendar year is off to a brilliant start!