18 September 2012

baking go-tos


I don't have as much time for experimental baking these days. So when I do bake, it's usually for someone's birthday, or going-away party, or just because I'm stressed and I know my coworkers will help me eat the remains — and I therefore tend to fall back on a no-fail recipe that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

I give full credit to Giada, Betty, and co., but I think the love also has to do with the fact that these recipes each have something special, making them more interesting than your average chocolate chip cookies or brownies. They seem fancy even though they're fairly easy to make.

So here we go...these are the baked goods I'm known for making, and I can vouch for their consistent deliciousness.

(My tip:  Add a dash of vanilla to the batter, even it's not called for. Try not to eat all the lemon glaze with a spoon.)

* Snickerdoodle Bars (pictured above, adapted from Betty Crocker)
(My tip:  Add a bit of cream cheese to the icing.)

(My tip:  These are just as good with the peanut butter icing only and no ganache, if you're short on time.)

(My tip:  Watch the marshmallows carefully after you put the cookies back in the oven; if overbaked, they can melt away to nothing, which is just less pretty.)

Of course, I also have my go-to favorite chocolate chip cookie, banana bread, and sugar cookie recipes for simpler occasions. What are your baking stand-bys when you need something you know is good? :)



  1. Oh yeah, I definitely have fall back recipes for when I just need something nice. Swedish visiting cake ranks highly and then some specific brownie/cookie recipes and a lemon drizzle loaf. I'm looking forward to checking these out.

  2. Oh yum - Swedish visiting cake and lemon drizzle loaf both sound wonderful (I love anything lemon!). Looking into those as well!

  3. looks tasty!
    can I have a bite? lol

  4. My baking stand-by is my grandmother's cookie recipe - which shall remain a secret :) It never fails.

    The Lemon-Ricotta Cookies look so good!