15 August 2012

trivia two


More things I've learned lately that made me go whoa, from the gossipy to the mundane — in case they'll make you go whoa, too. (Probably not. I'm awed by the littlest things.)

- Rashida Jones has a fascinating family background. Her dad is music producer Quincy Jones, and her mom is actress Peggy Lipton (Norma on Twin Peaks!). Her sister Kidada was engaged to Tupac Shakur.

- The literal translation of Italian dessert tiramis├╣ means "pick-me-up" (or metaphorically, "make me happy"). Cute.

- I know Joss Whedon is everyone's darling lately and can do no wrong (although I quite understand, hello Firefly), but he even co-wrote Toy Story? Come on!

- Stendhal syndrome causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, and confusion "when an individual is exposed to art, usually when the art is particularly beautiful or a large amount of art is in a single place." A similar reaction can also occur in response to "immense beauty in the natural world."

- American presidents' favorite foods not only shed light on presidential personalities, but also remind me how much food trends change over time. "Hamburger soup"? (Reagan.) Baked possum and persimmon beer? (Taft.)

- Another interesting Office connection - Ellie Kemper once had Jon Hamm as a high school drama teacher. (I know!)

- Did you know that the rabbit test existed? Weird stuff. (How can there be so many dark, hidden twists to history that I'm still constantly being surprised?)

- If you're as fascinated by linguistics and dialects as I am, you'll love this theory of how American and British accents came to diverge. "What's surprising, though, is that Hollywood costume dramas get it all wrong: The Patriots and the Redcoats spoke with accents that were much closer to the contemporary American accent than to the Queen's English."

- Hard to believe that though I studied literature in school, I only just realized the difference between horror and terror. Terror is the dread and anxiety one feels in anticipation of danger, while horror is the revulsion felt upon witnessing something frightening. (I guess now I finally have a name to pin on that feeling I hate more than any other, while watching a scary movie, when the bad guy is about to pop out of nowhere...)

(image via here, from one of my favorite scenes in this)


  1. 1. I love the Ferris Beuller picture! I was quoting the baseball part of that movie early this morning. Good stuff :)

    2. I can't wait to read about the presidents' favorite foods and the American and English accents!

    3. I don't watch The Office very often - I stopped liking it as much once Jim and Pam got married - but I love Ellie Kemper! Her and Andy are my favorites on the show :)

    4. The horror/terror one reminds me that I recently found out the difference between stationary/stationery - I didn't even know there were two spellings! Anyway, the horror/terror is good to know. Thanks!