31 July 2012

little resolutions


I didn't make any conscious resolutions when 2012 began, but lately I find myself striving for self-awareness in my daily life, a theme that has led to several little personal resolutions of sorts. They're not hard-and-fast rules, but more like goals that I hope will begin to weave through my days.

1.  I want to be more mindful of my body — how it works, how it feels at various moments. For example — I want to finally improve my posture! (I will watch Downton Abbey every day if that's what it takes to get Lady Mary's poise, dammit.) 

2.  On that note, I am also making an effort to listen to (and obey) my body whenever possible. To eat when I'm hungry, and to learn that balance between enjoyment and nourishment, what I want and what I need. To savor, to SLOW DOWN! To sleep when I'm tired, and enjoy it, rather than grumble it off as inconvenience.

3.  I would like to make more time for easing stress: Exercise, reading, and writing should not fall by the wayside; they should become necessary. I will make an effort to drink more tea to soothe my stomach (and senses). I'd love to read each night before bed to decompress my internet-wired mind, to read lingeringly, instead of snatching up bits of fiction on the subway.

4.  I need to simplify my online life. Someday I will get up the courage to erase all those "to-do lists" I'll probably never read again, much as once a year I force myself to give away those clothes I just don't wear enough. I should drastically cut down my blog reader, too, and focus on my own thoughts and words, which I'm often too overwhelmed to share. I need to feel de-cluttered to feel free, and I need to translate this sentiment to the intangible aspects of my life as much as I already do with my material "things."

5.  I will live more in the moment. I will pause to become truly aware of my surroundings, absorbing details as well as the sweeping, glorious picture. I will savor nostalgia briefly when it arises, but I will try my best to keep moving.


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  1. Lately I've been noticing how horrid my posture is...this post probably didn't help :P
    If you can get your posture to match Mary's (great reference, by the way), I will be SO impressed. It makes me sore just thinking about it.