15 June 2012

things change


A list of things my parents like that I thought were "gross" while growing up, but which I enjoy now, proving that to some degree I am indeed turning into my parents:

Black jelly beans
Brie cheese
Beer in green bottles
Playing the same song over and over again if it's just that good
Tuna salad
The color purple
Waffles spread with cream cheese and raspberry jam
Dark chocolate
Hitchcock movies
Cheese toast
The Beatles


  1. I think that black jelly beans (and all jelly beans, for that matter), tiramisu (I have never understood peoples love for soggy desserts), and tuna salad are the only things that deserve to be on that list. Although I'm not quite twenty-one yet, so I don't know about beer.

    Bluegrass is the one from that list that I've only recently acquired a taste for.


  2. Haha yeah, I guess most of the things on the list are food and my taste buds just matured (now I can eat more strongly-flavored things like coffee and licorice). I just think it's funny that I happen to love really specific things my parents ate - like the waffles with cream cheese.

    And yeah, the Beatles thing is really embarrassing...I mean I barely even gave them a chance when I was little, I just thought "ew, oldies." But don't worry, I more than made up for it in 10th grade, when I became full-on obsessed with them for years. :)

  3. Man. I love cream cheese with just about anything. I'm not a huge waffle fan (I don't know why...they're the same as pancakes...), but with cream cheese...

  4. Mmmm, brie… My Mum used to buy huge wedges of brie cheese and I thought it was so gross because it had 'mould' on it. My how times have changed!

    I've also noticed myself turning into my parents - food-taste-wise. The thing that really confirmed this is that in the last year I've developed a taste for oysters, which only a few years ago completely grossed me out!

  5. Scout - I know what you mean! I love French toast and waffles, but pancakes, not so much. Not sure why.

    Hannah - I still haven't embraced oysters, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time!