13 June 2012



This week, Criterion is releasing a new special edition DVD of the film Harold and Maude. The cover and menu designs by cartoonist Jordan Crane are so cute (slash morbid, but one could expect nothing less!).

It makes me happy that Harold and Maude continues to garner fans and appreciation each year, with no sign of fading away. It's had a place in my heart since I was fifteen, and every time I re-watch it, I get something different out of it — lately it's the landscape that's been calling to me. When I discovered it was filmed in the Bay area, I became even more drawn to the hills of the west coast; someday I hope to catch one of the annual screenings in San Francisco, or visit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and get a coin stamped "Harold Loves Maude."

(Beautiful screencaps via here.)


  1. I really should watch this again, and if Criterion is releasing a new edition, I have even more of a reason to re-watch it.

    Looking at these screen-grabs just confirms for me how much the film Submarine 'borrowed' from Harold and Maude.

  2. You should, I would love to hear your thoughts!

    And I agree completely; I also see Hal Ashby's influence in spades in Wes Anderson's films.