23 May 2012

a foodie spring

In honor of spring's imminent departure (sob), here are some of the things I got up to this easy breezy season....

Watched some kites swim through blue skies at the neighborhood park.
Made monster cookies. Multiple times.
Swung at a playground with my best friends.
Met the resident cat at Brooklyn Brewery.
Crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on a Saturday (oy); made it all better with frozen yogurt.
Scarfed dumplings while watching bike polo. (Seriously! A nerve-wracking sport to observe.)
Explored the rest of the Botanic Garden (the desert greenhouse was my favorite).
Ate the best ice cream at Ample Hills Creamery.
Attended an event at Nighthawk Cinema, where they screened '80s cartoons, provided an all-you-can-eat cereal bar, and served cereal-inspired cocktails (note our Cocoa Puff-spiked White Russians).

Finally, last weekend brought mac-and-cheese adventures at the Hester Street Fair, and a fruitful (ha) hunt for rhubarb. More on that later...

So there you have it. Another non-representational spread of photos that make my life look more thrilling and food-filled than it is. But I'm nonetheless proud that I got off my butt and made some use of the gorgeous, allergy-inducing weather.

And hey...maybe sometimes, my life really can be pretty great.


  1. Lovely shots! I love spring. I wish it could be spring all the time. :)

  2. Thank you Camila! I would say me too, but I love fall too much!