07 April 2012

three favorite: nineties teen comedies


1999 was a good year. Three of my favorite guilty pleasure teen comedies came out in 1999, films so endearing that whenever they come on USA or some other rerun channel, I stop whatever I'm doing and watch them for the hundredth time.

They're classic formulaic films, each complete with some bet or ruse and the inevitable hook-up of the "unlikely" couple. (And a prom!) But each climaxes with a romantic, melt-worthy line and a euphoric song heralding realized love—which, apparently, gets me every time.

I didn't comprehend just how much these movie moments have cemented themselves in my subconscious until I noticed that half of the songs on my recent love mix are from films! It's funny to me that whenever I hear the opening chords of "Don't Worry Baby," I get butterflies that are probably as equally due to my associations with the happy final scene of Never Been Kissed as to the innate beauty of the song.

Thanks, '90s.

(Warning: Spoiler alerts...or are they?!)

(Honorable mention: "Cruel to be Kind" by Letters to Cleo. You know you love it.)

The scene: Patrick and Kat are finally falling for each other. They play hooky and go on the best date ever: paintball, except instead of painful little pellets they're lobbing paint-filled balloons at each other. WTF? Why can't this pastime exist where I am?! They adorably splash each other with paint before a literal roll in the hay. I'll admit this is my favorite movie kiss of all time. I go all wobbly when he touches her face and her arm curls around him.

The scene: Popular Nicole and indie boy Chase were pretending to date to make their S.O.s jealous—until they started to actually fall for each other. Uh-oh! At prom they reconcile and begin to dance, and continuing the sarcastic repartee that I think makes this a standout among '90s comedies, Nicole says, "So, who are we making jealous this time?"
Chase: "Everyone, Nicole...everyone."

The scene: Josie has just publicly apologized and proclaimed her love for Sam, and she's hoping he'll prove his forgiveness by giving her her first kiss for all the world to see. We think he isn't coming, and it's all so sad—until he comes jogging cutely onto the baseball field, sealing the deal with the happiest, sappiest soft-lit spin-around kiss I could imagine.

Sam: "Sorry I'm late. It took me forever to get here."
Josie: "I know what you mean."

(Zooming-out-camera makeout scenes galore!)

Some other good ones:  Bridget Jones's Diary ("Wait a minute...nice boys don't kiss like that." "Oh yes they fucking do."), when young Jenna kisses young Matt at the end of 13 Going on 30 (aww!), and When Harry Met Sally, but that's not even a guilty pleasure, I will watch that whole movie through any time o' day, no shame.

Now that I've (embarrassingly?) revealed my favorite romantic comfort films...what about you? What have I been missing out on?!

Have a happy weekend!

(Screencaps courtesy of here / here / here.)


  1. omg those were definitely my favorite teen romance movies! I watched Drive Me Crazy a million times as a teen. Bridget Jone's can always make me laugh, its my go to when I'm sad:)

  2. Hg£db#s! So good. I haven't seen Drive Me Crazy (I don't know why!? Need to rectify that) but it is in good company. 10 Things is one of my all time favourites. Heath's smile... *Sigh*

  3. I love this post! It makes me want to watch 10 Things again, and *almost* makes me want to watch Never Been Kissed again - although I didn't like it the first time :/
    I have to say, I love You've Got Mail, The Village (it gets me every time he holds her hand!), and basically anything with Jimmy Stewart.

  4. Michelle - Glad I'm not the only one!

    Chuck - Do itttt, young Andrian Grenier omg. And yes also to the Heath dimples.

    Scout - Now I want to watch It's a Wonderful Life!