31 March 2012

a foodie post: play the tourist in your own town


My sister came to visit me on her spring break...super nice, super fun, and great excuse for me to do some touristy things. While going through pictures I thought it was funny that we'd seen so many incarnations of the Statue of Liberty in one day...from the Staten Island Ferry, from my neighborhood, and a tiny version in a bakery window.

We went back to the Brooklyn Flea, which is housed in an awesome old bank building in the winter...ate the coziest brunch at Linger Cafe, which featured my new favorite food (baked eggs)...rode the cloudy/sunny ferry, wandered around, ate the most buttery cookies, admired pink facades...

...and saw Hospitality and Tennis in concert! (My love for Tennis can be seen here and here.) A great danceable show, although I think I may have enjoyed the latter better when we saw them play their '60s-esque tunes with a more gritty sound, at a house show in 2008:


30 March 2012

les fleurs

Yes, Spring, I'm greedily gulping down your early arrival, even after I was spoiled by a mild winter. And I'm celebrating with flowers.







28 March 2012



Sometimes while Wikipedia-hopping, I'll come across such mind-boggling factoids. Or at least they're fascinating to me...little connections between celebrities, truths about the world I never knew...tossed in like miscellaneous fodder at the ends of articles. Well, no more! I want to start remembering them, and even if I never go on Jeopardy!, maybe these bits of trivia will have some use by brightening your day, too.

  • Billie Holiday occasionally babysat Billy Crystal when he was a little boy.
  • The "walk this way!" gag from Young Frankenstein inspired the Aerosmith song of the same name.
  • The lead singer of the Dire Straits wrote The Princess Bride soundtrack.
  • In the 1910s and 1920s, "jelly-bean" was a slang term for "dandy."
  • I guess I'm just not up on my Stephen King, but I didn't realize how many popular, non-horror films were based on his works: Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Hearts in Atlantis.
  • Swans, along with various other animals, often mate for life. I know I shouldn't romanticize or anthropomorphize them, but I can't help finding it sweet, hopeful, wondering what it is that makes swans choose each other forever.

Photo credit: Swan mates by Adam Sharp.

23 March 2012

three years


I know this small collage and its story may be of little interest to anyone else, but I wanted to share my beautiful commission from Selflesh, which came out so perfectly, and therefore should explain its purpose.

Wednesday marked our three year anniversary. Since August, we've been doing the long-distance thing and it's been harder than I ever could have envisioned. As my gift to him, I decided to order a custom piece from a shop I've long admired. It's a reminder that something beautiful can come from a painful time, that our hearts remain connected across this wide country no matter where our minds are at a given moment.


10 March 2012

muppet love


I went to the Museum of the Moving Image just in time to catch the tail-end of the Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibit, which is really great. I loved seeing early sketches and collages, and learning that Oscar the Grouch used to be pink. I liked seeing my own childhood heroes (the king and Featherstone from The Frog Prince!). I laughed out loud at Henson's early forays into advertising (see the LaChoy Dragon commercial), and teared up over the Fraggles' inspirational worldview. I marveled at his design for Cyclia, a psychedelic igloo-shaped nightclub... And the rest of the museum is also pretty rad (Cosby sweater, Mrs. Doubtfire's body suit, and vintage video games).

But of course, my favorite part was seeing my beloved Kermit in person!