18 February 2012

tuck the darkness in


This mini-documentary about the Bowerbirds' new album (The Clearing, out March 6) feels strikingly pure and intimate. It's worth a watch even if you haven't heard their music before; in addition to shedding light on their songwriting process, the film tells of their love story and the stunning log cabin they're building by hand in the North Carolina woods.

All the Bowerbirds' music is as pleasant to my ears as the gentle crackling of a wood fire, as the soft crunch of footsteps on newly-fallen snow. But the lyrics from their latest venture resonate particularly: They conjure up visions of a quiet life lived with purpose, a life exquisite in its simplicity -- a forest home, bonfires, cooking together, pet dogs running free. They give me faith in what love can survive, faith that peace could be mine someday when this restiveness leaves my spirit, when I finally come back home.

Squirrels in the rafters, wrens in the eaves,
red dirt 'neath our nails, orange stains on our knees,
blackberries in June down the path without our shoes.

It may not be a grand parade of snow capped peaks,
no river silver-backed crashing through,
but we have our black-haired babes running free
through the woods.

You can listen to and download "In the Yard" (quoted above), "Tuck the Darkness In," and other songs here. The Clearing is available for pre-order here.



  1. Oh man! I hadn't seen this video yet, that cabin they are building is a total dream! I remember back in the day when they first started as a band, going to a show they were playing at the public library. There were only like 15 of us there, and it was incredible to hear them sing among old books, and quiet spaces.

  2. That sounds wonderful, Hannah. I too have been lucky to hear them sing in really intimate venues and the beauty is real!