05 February 2012


Okay, I'm about to nerd out on you a little bit. I recently saw two gorgeous photo spreads that reminded me of A Song of Ice and Fire (also known as the Game of Thrones books).

There's a red-haired character named Sansa, whose father's northern house is symbolized by the wolf. Her mother's riverlands house has a trout sigil. These atmospheric shoots could hardly capture Sansa's divided world any more perfectly. (Plus, they're just lovely.)

Lily Cole by Olaf WipperfĂĽrth for Above Fall/Winter 2010, found via Noir Facade.

Olga Moskvina by Nika Kurnosova, found via Miss Moss.

Are you reading this series? Who's your favorite character? I can't decide...although I do have a soft spot for The Hound.

(I may also have a soft spot for wolves now. First of all, I read this book; second of all, doesn't watching the show / reading the novels make you want your own direwolf, stat?)



  1. i love ASOIAF! I've been savoring the last few chapters, but I will soon be done with A Dance with Dragons.

  2. I'm thinking I might savor ADwD for a longg time once I get to it, since it will no doubt be a while before the sixth book comes out!