23 February 2012

downton abbeyoncé

So, considering I watched both series of Downton Abbey in an absurdly short amount of time, it's been on my bloggy mind. I began a post about how (favorite characters aside) I think Lady Edith may have the best style of the sisters... (What I'd give for that floral boatneck!)

I considered shallowly marveling at how different period actors look in real life...

But then, I came across the Downton Abbeyoncé Tumblr. So now this is happening.

You're welcome.

(Style screencaps courtesy of here.)

BONUS LINK:  Amazing Downton Abbey paper dolls from Vulture.



  1. I just started watching this show! I wish someone had told me about it sooner!

  2. yikes, Okay, aside from Cora, all of the 'in real life' photos made me completely uncomfortable on so many levels. They all look way better in the show, like real people with real faces, and not 23432 pounds of eye liner. scary.
    the beyonce bit is hilariousss though.