14 February 2012

anatomy of a care package


I love sending letters and postcards, but putting together care packages is even more fun. Last spring I sent one to my sister studying in Spain; this year my other sister is abroad in Florence, so I mailed her some American goodies just in time for Valentine's Day. My love in California is getting one as well. 

This holiday has been something for me to look forward to over the last few months, as even on a really tight budget I've been able to save and collect doo-dads bit by bit. In that way care packages are truly a labor of love, but of course that's what makes them so special both to send and to receive!

In case you're curious, here are some elements I've found make a great care package...

1.  Something homemade.  This time I baked s'mores cookies.

2.  Something they miss or can't get easily where they are.  Him:  Texas Pete hot sauce.  Her:  peanut butter (sent in cookie form).

3.  Something seasonal.  Valentine's Marshmallow Peeps;  colorful candies tied up with ribbon.

4.  Something comforting.  Her:  heart socks.  Him:  the coolest-flavored teas (think Creme Brulee, Hot Buttered Rum, and Lime Gelato!).

5.  Something local.  These special edition heart-shaped stroopwafels will be amazing warmed up over a mug of the aforementioned tea.

6.  Something goofy.  A fabric flower can never die! (From Target.)

7.  Something just plain cool.  Pretty striped "cake batter" flavored chocolate from Target (yum!?);  Russel Stover "You're One In a Billion" dollar-shaped chocolate bars.

8.  Something nostalgic.  Little Debbie Be My Valentine Cakes;  conversation hearts.

9.  Something inside-jokey.  Chemical engineer boyfriend  +  who also happens to love granola  =  the perfect gift, handmade cereal with the cutest periodic elements branding.

10.  A music mix CD.  Yeah you know me!

...and a heartfelt note, of course!

Happy Valentine's Day, loves.


  1. I love this! Care packages are so much fun - I should send them more often :)

  2. Thanks! And yeah, try it, even little trinkets or silly bits and pieces in an envelope are so fun to send (probably more fun for me than my poor bombarded recipients :)