29 December 2011

wanderlusting after.... iceland


What more is there to say, really? I feel like everyone I know dreams of visiting Iceland, and I'm no exception. These images feel particularly soothing on these busy holiday days.

-- grandchildren.tv.

-- Hound via Lovelorn Unicorn.

-- Kris Atomic.

-- Mani Katz via Mayhem and Miscellany.

-- Let's get lost.



  1. that last time i went to london i flew via iceland air & my flight JUST SO HAPPENED to be during the start of that whole volcano fiasco, so i got stranded in iceland for about a day and a half.

    my sightseeing was confined to the airport, a bus ride and a hotel (due to some law they were required to put all the people who were stranded / couldn't fly up at a hotel: we got to stay at the hilton and it was pretty damn nice) but i would love to go back someday and actually SEE iceland. not just sit in my hotel room going crazy with worry about getting to england, haha.

  2. Aw man - that sucks that you weren't able to go out and about...but then again I'm sure Iceland is a place where you would want to take your time exploring anyway. :) We'll make it someday!