30 November 2011


ope t
Hello everyone. Lately I've been full of holiday food but sadly short on inspiration and even shorter on time. I hope to get back to posting soon, but for now let's ogle these tennis-attending peeps and their cute newspaper hats. (I didn't know that was a thing!)

Happy Wednesday!

Images found here.

26 November 2011

hp hijinx

I've posted before about the cheeky fashion Polaroids found at the Band of Outsiders website. But somehow I missed that in August, Rupert Grint and Tom Felton (best known for playing Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films) participated in a fun shoot for the brand.

All images via here.

25 November 2011

collage crazy

Been encountering some lovely collage lately.

Beth Hoeckel:
"All collages shown are made with found paper and archival paste (not created digitally)"

From dahoƩ's Collage board on Pinterest:
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14 November 2011

san fran snaps


Photos from my recent trip to California.

Pictured above: Breakfast in seventy-degree sunshine. Amazing architecture. Sunset views from the boy's porch (!). Halloween madness. A day trip to San Francisco. The most tender big-as-ya-head apple fritters in the world. Azkaban I mean Alcatraz. A beautifully-plated autumn meal. The best coffee ice cream I've ever had. A pretty Burton-esque park. Giant-ass gulls (think Scuttle from The Little Mermaid!). Realizing sea lions do little more than bark, battle for basking space, and stare at the sky.

Considering we are smart-phone-less folk, I'm pretty proud we didn't get lost. But when a few of our destinations ended up being closed, we were at a bit of a loss and wandered for hours through the Mission district. We finally came across some fries with aioli, and spent the rest of the evening by the water drinking Blue Bottle Coffee. I ain't complaining....

On the agenda for next time: Full House houses (his request, not mine). Explore some redwoods, cross the bridge. Haight-Ashbury. Dip toes in Pacific Ocean for first time.