11 October 2011

link love

Some things that made me smile last week.

Awesome People Reading.

 A cute October desktop calendar by Geninne, via KAAM Handmade.

For my fellow fact-obsessors: Learn Something Every Day, via reannatime.

Frida-inspired fashions, via oh, hello there.

A pigeon's-eye view of the world, via Little Stories.

Scanwiches via CakeSpy.

Colorful mid-century modern home plan illustrations by Bob Wandesforde, via grain edit.



  1. Great links! I realised the other day that my computer desktop is a calendar from February, eep! Have now rectified this and am using this one you linked too.

  2. and this post made me simile, glad you like the calendar:)

  3. oh, love these links. especially the photos of fave actors reading and frida inspired fashion. i'm actually reading a photo book about frida right now and i'm quiet fascinated by her.

    p.s. came here via hila's blog. :)

  4. Haha glad you liked it too Hannah! Thanks for sharing it, Kamila :)

    Glad you stopped by, Odessa! I need to get my hands on a Frida book, I'm already fascinated but would love to know more.

    Thanks to you too Samantha :)