18 October 2011



I was so sad to see this dress from Clever Nettle is sold out! Wouldn't it have made the perfect Daphne costume?

I really like the idea of a Scooby Doo costume for Halloween this year. The boy would make a perfect Shaggy, let me tell you. But he doesn't seem too keen on the idea....

Apparently he and some friends are thinking of going as the Blue Man Group (please no) OR the cast of Arrested Development. I would be down with that...especially if we could look as awesome as this fine group:

Maeby would be the obvious choice for me thanks to my curly hair, but I might rather go as this guy:

Duh, I'd get to have a hook for a hand and carry around a stuffed seal.

Of course, a dream is to be the cast of Mad Men one year....

....but it would be tricky to find a group big enough to make it worthwhile.

(Can you tell I like group costume ideas?)

It's thanks to my hailing from a town obsessed with Halloween. The whole city comes out en masse each year for a drunken parade, where hardly anyone doesn't dress up, and it's pretty much like a group costume contest.

Our past costumes have included:
  • Appliances (I was a toaster. ...don't ask.)
  • Superheroes (Batgirl)
  • Nickelodeon characters (Judy from Doug)
  • Clue characters (Mrs. Peacock)

Other ideas I'm considering this year:
  • Tippi Hedren from The Birds
  • Wednesday Addams (there are sure an abundance of these dresses out this year)
  • Maude from Harold and Maude

Do you get into Halloween? What are your costume ideas this year?

P.S. If only it were as easy as slipping on one of these awesome vintage paper dresses!  Via Birds of Ohio.



  1. I had an idea after I saw Black Swan that I wanted to dress as Winona Ryder's character. From the stabby hospital scene with the nail file - so scary!!

  2. my college boyfriend and i were tobias / lindsay one year. i enjoyed it. he didn't opt to go as blueman tobias though - he wasn't really keen on slathering on all the blue paint, haha

  3. Hannah - that is awesome!!

    Mallory - so, my boyfriend IS opting to be Blue Man Tobias. He's threatening to shave his beard...and whole head...oy.

  4. Oh, to come from a town obsessed with Halloween! I too love group costumes - there's something very emboldening about it ... strength in numbers I guess. Which is probably how I got talked into going the "sexy costume" route this year after resisting it my entire life. My girlfriends and I are going as a murder of crows, vegas showgirl/burlesque style. I have to admit - the costume was a blast to pull together. Lots and lots of black feathers! It definitely has sex appeal, but is also really fun, and has been a nice creative outlet (we all have a few basic foundation pieces, but are all on our own for crazy hair, accessories, makeup etc). We talked about doing a Clue themed house party next year - I'd love to see your photos!

    You should definitely go as Buster! The mom would be fun too. :)

  5. Wow Amanda, your costume sounds awesome! Kudos! The Clue party sounds really fun too. I ended up going as Maeby...'twas a crazy night.

  6. The Maude costume is great. What a great idea!