19 October 2011

before fame



While finding images for this post, I came across these stunning pictures of a young Brigitte Bardot.

The story behind them is quite fascinating:  The wife of Life photographer Pierre Boulat recently discovered these previously unseen photographs in her basement:

"My husband always spoke about having photographed Brigitte Bardot but we could never find the photos or the negatives," Mrs Boulat, 72, told The Sunday Telegraph.

"Then recently I was sorting out the cellar at our home and throwing lots of stuff out when I came across an unremarkable brown envelope. I was going to throw it on the pile with the other stuff I was getting rid of, but when I looked inside I saw the contact sheets of around 30 photos of Brigitte Bardot."

She believes the photographs were taken in 1951 when the photographer lived in Rue de la Pompe in the chic 16th arrondissement of Paris, where Bardot was also living with her parents and younger sister Marie-Jean.

Bardot was probably 16 or 17 when these photos were taken. At the time she was studying to be a dancer.



  1. too cool!! what a find! gosh, so pretty!

  2. so cute and innocent! i have never really seen any movies with her in it. i just got tix to see the new serge gainsbourg movie with an actress playing her- i will let you know if that's good!

    ps. i am doing a dress giveaway this week!

  3. Thanks for sharing this!!! perfect!

  4. you can tell it's her, but the blonde bombshell side hasn't materialised yet. she looks so young and innocent.