06 September 2011

a foodie post


A brief foodie post:  the "Last of North Carolina" Edition.  (*sniff!*)

There was one month this summer when I got in a very s'mores-ish mood.

I curiously picked up some Biscoff spread at the store and discovered it tastes like spiced graham crackers. We happened to have on hand both marshmallow and chocolate in spread form too - so duh, why not make a handy-dandy, mess-free S'mores on a Spoon?

Yes, I know I'm disgusting.

On the other hand, these S'mores Cookies, made for a cookout, were spectacular.

I might start making all my cookies with pulverized graham crackers if it will make them taste this good.

We also had strawberry lemonade bars, grilled zucchini and squash with Parmesan, hot dogs on the grill (my favorite), and mucho mas.

And now I'm going to tell you where to find the best burger in the Triangle:  Bull City Burger and Brewery.

Their pasture-raised, house-ground beef is amazing. You can really taste the difference. They hand-make their buns, condiments, and even their beer. Of course, the ultimate selling point for me was delicious garlic aioli for fry-dipping. (And yes, the "dirty fries" were as good as Buns', but the burgers were better. Therefore:  new favorite burger joint.)

We may have eaten there twice in one weekend, desperate to get in one more trip before we moved. Tres worth it. You should find your way there too if you're ever in downtown Durham. (And / or head over here for some fancy-shmancy cheese samples.)

Something I also ate twice in one weekend's span of time:  Tomato Cobbler.

Once I made it in a glass pie pan, and once in loaf pans. Both times the biscuity crust was so cheesy, gooey and comforting. (Just be sure you use enough salt.) Make this before summer is truly over!!

Next time:  foodie adventures at the Brooklyn Flea. :)



  1. marshmallow cream... wonder how this taste like;)

  2. It tastes surprisingly good in a peanut butter sandwich! ;)

  3. hmm I feel tempted..., My friend is in the US now, so I will ask her to get me one of those:)

  4. oh my god - must try those cookies immediately! I finally made it to the Brooklyn Flea last winter on a visit to Brooklyn. Have you been before? If you love hotdogs, you of course must leave room for Asia Dog. It was so good that it inspired my birthday party idea in April - a BYO hotdog party where I provided a slew of interesting toppings.

    And now I must leave you to try to track down some Biscoff. :)

  5. I've been to one of the Brooklyn Fleas, and seen Asia Dog - but haven't eaten there yet! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm actually going to post on the market someday soon too. ;) I'm curious as to what you'll think of the Biscoff!