14 September 2011



Before my big move, I finally went through the dozens of boxes I'd stored in my parents' attic. Lesson learned: While I've become something of a purge fiend, when I was younger I kept everything. No, literally -- every birthday card, every junky fun fair prize, every note passed to me in middle school.

Since I know many of you are Eighties and Nineties children like me, I thought you might appreciate some of what I uncovered....

Some of my favorite books and bits from childhood...

Apparently I was a list-maker even back then.

Err, the movie Toy Story may or may not have changed my life. I cherished each of these stuffed animals and took turns sleeping with them, so they wouldn't resent me when they came to life later....

Nano Kitty, Nano Baby.

 I used to press flowers in the family dictionary.

I won a Girl Scout patch-designing contest in the fourth grade! It's the one with the sunset above. I won an embroidered duffel bag that I use to this day.

My favorite find was a notebook I filled when I was about five, creating stories and drawing pictures for my kindergarten class journal. Here's a tale about our new kitten Jasmine... who turned out to be a he, thereafter known as Jaz. We had him until he passed away when I was 16.

The fall my grandma moved out of her house, I saved a bunch of old books from Grandpa's garage (mostly based on which ones had cool pictures -- ahem, Pippi Longstocking!). This interesting tome is called The Little Lame Prince, and it's full of stories about a mischievous brownie and my personal favorite,"The Prince With the Nose."

 My aunt's old Nancy Drews.

Mom's childhood books.

My first stuffed animal... with his poor little middle the worse for wear! There I am holding him as a wee lass. My grandparents gave him to me on the day I was born, and we were inseparable for years.


  1. this is awesome. and you know what? I also loved the baby-sitter's club books and goosebumps. And I had a nano pet, too!

  2. Cute! That stuffed animal (a bear??) is just too heartbreaking!

  3. Rachel - Right on. :)

    Hannah - Yes, he's a bear! Or as I called him, "Baba." Haha.