28 August 2011

once upon a dream


The most recent issue of Lula featured a nice article on Mary Blair's work in Disneyland. Reminded of how much I love her, I found myself digging around for more vintage Disney concept art. That's how I found the work of Eyvind Earle, who's best known as the backdrop painter and color stylist for Sleeping Beauty  (probably my favorite Disney cartoon aesthetic-wise).

Here is some of his concept art for the film:

I also couldn't resist posting more of Mary Blair's art:


And finally, one perfectly beautiful painting by John Hench.

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A good tumblr:



  1. These are so stunning. I recently watched the Disney documentary, Waking Sleeping Beauty, and was reminded of the artistry of the early films. I wasn't familiar with Eyvind Earle, but now I'm officially a fan. This concept work is incredible!

  2. Oooh, I had not heard of that documentary! Def checking it out now, thanks so much!