15 August 2011



I've officially lived in New York for a little over a week now!

It's been a busy one:  I scored a nice sublet for August, a room in a sunny old brownstone with a lovely garden. I ran around to interviews, each complete with their own mini disasters (like getting lost in the rain, encountering too many sketchy unmarked doors, and a split heel tracking blood everywhere). I had a blast going out with my fellow southern ex-pats. And maybe I watched a little too much Six Feet Under.

However, there's been a bittersweet note to these experiences. I struggle with how much personal information to share on the blog, but I do want to explain why I may seem less excited than I should be about my adventures for a while: My significant other of two-and-a-half years is moving to California for graduate school, and I miss him so much. (Even when he was still just visiting schools, I knew he would end up there. Who could resist it?)

It does help to have his September visit to look forward to. It helps even more to keep my October visit to Berkeley in mind (!!). But until then, I'll try to forget how perfectly content I felt sitting beside him on the subway. I'll focus my energies on landing a job, finding a permanent place to live, and surrounding myself with the swirl of sensory experiences to be had here in the city. (And hopefully I'll share some of them with you!)

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