14 July 2011

more rainbow randoms

Still firmly believe that sometimes you just need a dose of color in your day. Especially if you work in a windowless office like I do. :(

I can't believe I forgot about rainbow cakes the last time I posted about colorful things. I've made this before, but I dream of making a 28-layer gradient cake like the one above.

Rainbow art meets nature, via.

A pretty idea for pinning, also via Designlovefest.

Can you believe these are tulips? View of the Netherlands from above, seen at Scout and Catalogue.

And finally:  Blizzard Blue. Chartreuse. Cranberry. Flesh. Magic Mint. Maize. Prussian Blue. Raw Umber. Torch Red.

What do these names have in common?

They're all discontinued or renamed Crayola Crayon colors. They intrigue me, both because of the PC changes they reflect, and also because of the nostalgia they awaken in me. Was choosing my favorite Crayola Colors (Periwinkle, Sea Green, Cerulean Blue, and Jungle Green, for the record) the first step on a path to loving descriptive writing, color, art, and design?

(Inspired by this post!)

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  1. i have always loved the names crayola comes up with for their crayons.

    and those tulips! wow.