13 July 2011

a dream fulfilled


Hear ye, hear ye.

I have officially, successfully made my favorite food from scratch: 

Cinnamon buns.

I used Sweetapolita's Cinnabon clone recipe, and they truly are phenomenal. Now I can't wait to make all sorts of crazy cinnamon roll flavor variations. Yum.

My adventures in breadmaking finally gave me the confidence to try making these. (It amazes me how much learning to bake with yeast has really changed my outlook on baking and made me feel so much more accomplished!)  But this newfound ability is surely dangerous. There hasn't been a Cinnabon nearby for years, and local stores stopped carrying Entenmann's Ultimate Super Cinnamon Buns ages ago, so I was safe for a while. And now?  Watch out.

Because it's way too fulfilling to watch little balls of dough go from this....

To this....

To this!  Nomf.