10 July 2011

grimms' greatest


I loved reading fairy tales when I was a kid. Russian tales about Baba Yaga; ghost stories and urban legends, beautiful books my grandma brought us from Norway; you name it. Perhaps surprisingly, this fascination is only growing and evolving as I grow older.

In a folklore class I took for college, we learned so much about the cultural implications found in oft-repeated tales. Even the American Disney adaptations of these stories have so much to say about what this country values... I don't think I'll ever look at those movies the same way again! And after that class, I  couldn't help  purchasing one of my favorite used book store finds of all time:  Grimm's Grimmest, an illustrated volume of the brothers' tales that are decidedly not for (today's) children. Some of them made me downright squeamish, but their cool factor was totally worth it.

All this is to say that I'm ecstatic that there are people out there still as enamored of historic folklore as I am. Taschen is publishing a collection of the Grimms' best-loved tales, paired with iconic illustrations culled from the 1830s to the present by editor Noel Daniel. I'm a bit disappointed - I'd have loved to see a book chock-full of nothing but illustrated interpretations of each telling, instead of  the one illustrator per story this volume will feature. But regardless, I always look forward to a good collection of riveting illustration, and I'm sure this pretty book will be no exception.

Pictures found here. Thanks to Mallory for posting about this great find!

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