22 June 2011

a foodie post


Some more grand foodie adventures that you may or may not care about!

A few weeks ago, our fabulous DC friends came to visit. We had ourselves a food bonanza. There were endless grilled cheeses made in the new panini maker (although SOME people claim this makes them not true grilled cheeses anymore, but rather paninis...humbug). Then we got giant swirly lattes at my favorite outdoor cafe, talking and relaxing deep in the woods.

The friendos wanted a taste of the Carolinas, so we headed out to our favorite dive BBQ place - but it was closed! How silly of us, all respectable barbeque joints are closed on Sundays! We settled for chicken and waffles instead.

"Settled" is the wrong word. These are the best waffles I have ever had and I could devour them plain, or slathered with their signature house "schmears" (flavored butters). Orange blossom honey, strawberry, chocolate hazelnut, vanilla almond, and maple-pecan....they're all good. The fried chicken ain't bad either. (Read: AMAZING.)

We weren't finished wandering around Durham, so we visited a local brewery, where we sampled their Summer Basil Ale.

Oh yeah, and duck fat tater tots from the nearby Korean Barbeque Food Truck.

Have I mentioned the HUGE food truck scene we have going on here? There are two pizza trucks, a sliders truck, a grilled cheese truck, a pretzel truck, and anything else you can imagine. I'm working my way through trying them all, but I have to say these tots, as crazy as they sound, are dank.  (Note the fresh rosemary and creamy sriracha dipping sauce.)

We finally did make it to a less-divey-but-still-amazing barbeque restaurant in Raleigh (vinegar style, natch). Then we forced ourselves to take a nature walk and work off some of that Southern goodness. The sunset was lovely.

Then we ate cookies and watched Kung Fu Panda at my house. Ha! I love my friends.

Good eatin' happens at home too, of course.
My lovely youngest sister is in Virginia for the summer and I miss her. She visited me last week for her birthday and we made these pizzas. They were the best.

The best of summer:  spinach salad with strawberries, dry roasted pecans, and honeyed goat cheese.

Three-layer lemon raspberry cake, modeled by the birthday girl herself, recipe to come later this week.

Guess who made that bread?
You guessed right!
I was one of those people afraid of baking with yeast. ...with good reason! The one time I tried I failed! (Okay, maybe that's not good reason.) But my friend and I took a bread baking workshop last weekend and I believe in myself again. I also got to take home a tasty rosemary garlic focaccia that I created all. by. myself.

Next on the to-bake list:  cinnamon rolls. When I have successfully made my favorite food from scratch I can hang up my baker's cap. (But I won't.)

Here we are at Motorco again, this time for a cool event called Yum Yum Supper Club. It's a seasonal dinner party event, with all the food sourced and cooked by a local farm. Each course is also paired with a beer. There was music, a photobooth, and lots of new things to try (shandies are gooood!). I only got pictures of the h'ors doeuvres because I was busy eating the delicious courses, but you can see the menu below.

(The beer-battered squash with basil aioli was my heaven. Why am I so obsessed with mayo-ish things?)

Next on my radar:
Places to try before I move:  The new cheese shop in Durham. Our local pizza and ice cream food trucks. (Honey chai ice cream? Yes please.)

...and hopefully, baking blueberry almond pie! I want to go berry picking when I'm home over the Fourth of July.

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