31 May 2011

wanderlusting after.... peru



Have you ever felt inexplicably drawn to a place?

When I was fourteen, I became enamored of Scotland. I had never heard much about it, or known anyone who'd been (except for my grandma, who brought me a stuffed Nessie). But I just couldn't stop checking out this Scottish landscapes book from the library, hungrily skimming the pages for natural beauty. I began baking oatcakes and shortbread, devouring British fiction, and planning my grand road trip through the highlands (which has yet to happen!).

When I got to college, my attentions turned to South America. It all began when I wrote a report on Peruvian cuisine for Spanish class. I learned about crumbly alfajores cookies sandwiched with dulce de leche. I craved tangy ceviche (fresh fish cooked by the acidity of lime juice), crisp potato cakes with savory peanut sauce, rich quinoa, and dark purple corn. I was also moved by Peru's stunning traditional dress, the colorful weaving, and that steep green mountain terrain that calls to my soul more than any other.

I don't think I'm alone in this type of infatuation. One of my sisters has always been drawn to Indian culture, and the other to France. I've had friends fall head-over-heels in love with Japan or the German language. I know many of us want to travel all over the world, but is there one place in particular that mysteriously pulls at your heart?

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  1. Beautiful pictures and I know exactly what you mean about being drawn to a country.Sometimes, however, I feel like, even though I want to go to some places so bad, that it would be better never to visit them so that perfect exotic image of it in your mind will always will be how that place is...if that makes sense! :)

  2. Thank you Kelly! :) And I know what you mean. On the flip side, I'm sure sometimes the visit is even more beautiful than you could have fathomed through pictures alone!