02 May 2011

new york, new york

Recently we spent a weekend with some awesome friends in Brooklyn.

It was the perfect weekend, full of relaxation and SO much food (of course).

I had some of the best French toast of my life (was that a hint of lemon?). We discovered neat things and happy times at a rainbow-themed thrift sale (I found piano socks, I win). Next we enjoyed veggie bahn mi (not pictured), bubble tea, warm homemade MUFFINS, stand up comedy and Beatles Trivial Pursuit on a windy rainy night.

The next day Doughnut Plant made my dreams come true (read: carrot cake and crème brûlée donuts). Then came more bakery excursions, fresh tortellini, basking on the sun-soaked roof with jasmine raspberry iced tea, and a wonderful dim sum dinner. Told you....perfect.

This was actually kind of a loaded visit for me, as I'm currently planning on moving to New York this summer (!!!!). So I was subtly checking everything out from that point of view. Observing my friends' Brooklyn neighborhoods. Trying to come to terms with just how poor I'm going to become when I move there (thanks to the price one pays when moving from one foodie town to another!).

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