23 May 2011

a foodie post


It seems that most of my weekends lately  have revolved around great food.

Over the Easter Holiday we went to a scrumptious brunch with my momma. That's my warm asparagus salad topped with homemade French bread croutons, melty brie, and a fried egg, along with Mom's chorizo black bean soup. And mimosas, of course. Next, my sister's savory bread pudding (amazing) and a cone full of crisp hot fries. 

The following weekend, after a donut picnic for brunch, we went to Taquiera La Vaquita in Durham. All you need to do to find the best fresh tacos around is follow the "little cow"!

This was such an amazing dinner, even though it was so simple. Farmer's market tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella, pesto, and fresh basil. Chedder herb biscuits, homemade banana bread slathered with cream cheese, and red wine completed our meal on the front porch.

This picture is going to make me cry when I've moved. My favorite fries in Chapel Hill. With chipotle mayo dipping sauce. (It's incredible, trust me.)

One time my sissie and I had a simple meal inspired by traditional Dutch cuisine, and we watched Girl With a Pearl Earring. Oh long-haired Firthie! That's grilled cheese on sourdough made with smoked gouda and garlic, omg, along with the best turkey meatballs, steamed asparagus, and rosemary-encrusted baby potatoes.

I made my first tres leches cake for Cinco de Mayo.

Just look at all that goodness goozing out!


The rest of the spread at the Cinco party. Check out that Frito Pie! There was also dulce de leche cheesecake.

Last weekend some friends and I discovered an Indian buffet that comes with endless mimosas. The first thing we saw when we walked in the restaurant was a giant ice bucket full of champagne bottles. We knew we had come to the right place.

The world-famous "orgasmac," macaroni and cheese made with pasta shells.  This time we added spinach, a hint of garlic and panko breadcrumbs. It was so. good.

That salad was delicious too, with avocado, feta cheese, more fresh farmer's market tomatoes and strawberries.... 

It is a fact that BLATs (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) are superior to BLTs. Especially when one eats them at a picnic with fresh mango and peanut butter ball cupcakes like we did.

And finally, an old photo from my birthday dinner.... I'd just like to take a moment and revel in all the sweets and savories we cooked that day, if you'll indulge me:

Warm spinach and artichoke dip with baguette
Stuffed mushrooms
Mini fruit and custard tarts
Edamame with sea salt
Mini meatballs
Pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate and golden sprinkles
BBQ cocktail weenies
Sugar cookie fruit "pizza"
Mini mac and cheeses (made in cupcake pans, so we were able to make several varieties -- mac with bacon! mac with mushrooms! etc.)
Frozen peach bellinis

Grand delicious times.

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