07 May 2011

the zeppelin zoo


Last week, every indie girl's dream landed in little ol' Chapel Hill:   JGL.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt came to give a talk about his personal side project,  hitRECord.org. It's a collaborative production company to which users submit text, images, film, music, and anything else creative. Everything on the site is then up for grabs; users can combine any projects they wish to make something new and magical.

JGL was charming and smarmily funny. He shared some mashed-up songs, drawings and video clips that were very cool. He conducted a crowd of dozens singing a round, he had people come on the stage and tell funny stories, and he even played his own country tune! I wish he had spoken a little more about the origins of hitRECord, and maybe said a few inspirational words on the power of creativity, etc. But of course, I was still won over by his goofy antics and adorableness.

(Oh my goodness, there were so many girls in that room. Haha.)

The best part was when he showed his own short films. I love the charmingly-narrated wordplay in his Morgan M. Morgansen series. Do watch the short below, you won't be disappointed!

found here, script here, so fun.

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