08 April 2011

vintage vendredi: cereal and sweet treats


It's so interesting to study packaging design from a time when processed foods were really hitting their stride. Some of these brands may look familiar to American consumers, but some of the foods are totally defunct and I'm so curious to taste them! (Tiger-Tiger ice cream!?).  The products / ads below are mostly from the '60s and '70s.

Apparently sugary cereal was really gaining popularity at this time.

I love all the star-shaped cereals that were made. I'd eat these today.

Finally, I find it hilarious how many toaster products lined the shelves. I guess this was before the microwave revolution, after all.

(Oh my goodness, over the holidays we discovered my stepmom's crazy microwave cookbook  (similar to this)  from the '80s. It told you how to make literally everything in the microwave. Whole turkeys. Bread. Cookies. Some of the recipes involved microwaving metal. I don't know.)


All of these images are from grickily's awesome collection of vintage packaging and ads. See more at the Krazy Kids Items Flickr Set.


  1. My family bought this gargantuan microwave in like, 1983 and seriously used it until around 2005. There's no telling what kind of horrible damage it did to us, haha.

    But it was JCPenney brand [lolz] and had settings on it for crazy stuff like turkey that would start the timer for like, 284728 hours.

    And those toaster pizzas look like they're made of failure. They go in a toaster sideways. How is the cheese supposed to stay on and not turn your toaster into a ridiculous cheesy/saucy mess?

  2. Hahaha that's awesome. Those things lasted forever didn't they? And I just love the assumption that all cooking would soon be done by microwave. (Blueberry pie, for example??)

    I don't know either about the pizzas. Maybe they're supposed to go in a toaster oven but that didn't look as COOOOL on the box. I also saw a sausage pizza that looked it was encased in a Pop-Tart-esque shell - better idea? (here) - hahahaha