13 April 2011

the sixties reimagined

Ever since I was sixteen, when I fell head-over-heels into hardcore Beatlemania, I've been obsessed with the '60s. Particularly, the early-to-mid '60s, which to my joy have been portrayed in many films and television shows over the past several years.

Of course there's nothing like watching movies that were actually made in the '60s, but it's so interesting to see the decade through our 21st-century filter. The quality of production is better in many ways, the cinematography and costuming to die for, the bluntness and regret of past attitudes magnified. I also can't help pondering what our interpretations of this unique slice of history say about how we view society today, and what we long for.

Oh 1960s, how I've loved your recent renaissance, and the ability to find Peter Pan collars in retail stores!  Alas, I think you're fading as the decade du jour, but I shall remain faithful to you by indulging in reruns and DVDs that take me back in time.


mad men here  //  an education here  //  american dreams here, here, here  //  forrest gump here  //  hairspray (2007) here  //  a single man here  //  across the universe here  //  that thing you do here  //  i wanna hold your hand here.

1 comment:

  1. Great screencaps! I agree it's cool seeing how modern films interpret the sixties - that blonde girl in A Single Man is spot on with her hair and make up!