08 March 2011

three favorite: travel films

Don't you just love travel movies?

I don't necessarily mean movies set in an alluring place, films so rich with cinematic detail that you want to hop on a plane instantly -- although I adore those too.

I mean movies in which the characters themselves are traveling. They're seeing new sights, and so are you. You're journeying right along with them, voyeuristically experiencing their epiphanies.

Some of my favorite visually pleasing travel films:


Other favorites:

I'm told I must see:

What are your favorite travel-themed films?

(Screencaps courtesy of here, here, and here, edited by me.)


  1. Oh I really love those kind of movies! Couldn't say which one is my favourite but here are some more:

    Into the Wild
    The Beach
    Thelma and Louise
    Seven years in tibet
    Viaggio in Italia
    2 Days in Paris

  2. Thanks Ana!! Of those I've only seen Into the Wild and 2 Days in Paris (which I need to watch again too!), so I can't wait to see the others.