03 March 2011



Romain de Tirtoff, known by the pseudonym Erté, was a Russian-born French artist, fashion designer, and set designer, whose illustrations graced more than 200 Harper's Bazaar covers between 1915 and 1937. He is best known for capturing the Art Deco style with his elongated, elegant figures and their intricate outfits, which he continued to create through the 1980s.

Images 1-6, 8, and 16 via The Coincidental Dandy.
Images 10-11 via Erte.com.
Images 7, 9, 12-15 via KingPaper.
Image 17 via stmarygypsy.
Image 18 via theflappers.
Image 19 via thelateness.


  1. I love Erte! I joined the Erte fan club (I wish there actually was one! haha) in college during a course on costume design & it's been love ever since.

  2. Apparently I had an Erte calendar in college, I didn't make the connection that he was the artist until now! I'm just infatuated with everything he made.