31 March 2011

chan marshall

Chan Marshall, also known as Cat Power, is really inspiring me lately with her casual style.

Her music takes me back to being 15 years old and exploring my emo side, her Covers Record on repeat as I did my homework. But I guess I never really knew what she looked like back then. It's like I'm rediscovering her, but for her visual style versus her aural style.

I like her cat eyes (ha) and her fringe...she reminds me of a '60s model (Jane Birkin perhaps? Francoise Hardy?). And actually I think she'd make a pretty good candidate for Tomboy Style, no?


(All pictures found at lastfm.)

finch and willow

I'm digging the vibe of these slightly spooky cards and doe-eyed dollies

See more at the shop.

bananas foster bread


So, I'm sorry once again that I only have crappy food photos to show for my recipe. I'm going to write about why that is, just in case you happened to wonder.

During the second week of my study abroad program in England a few years ago, my digital camera broke. Unable to give up photography completely, I spent the rest of the summer snapping Boots brand disposable camera pictures all over the place. And occasionally my Holga. The pictures were fewer, less clear, less likely to come out -- but they had a lovely aesthetic all their own, so I wasn't terribly miffed.

The next year, I was gifted digital camera no. 2 for the holidays!

....but by the following summer, it too was dead.

I was ready to give up hope on all digital cameras. Or at least point-and-shoots. I continued with the disposables all summer and fall, but when I started trying to take pictures of foodstuffs, I realized this wasn't going to work out.

But for my birthday this year, I received an incredible surprise from someone who has secretly been saving for months to help make my photography dreams come true.

I am an insanely lucky girl, I know that much.

Using this camera practically brings tears to my eyes. It's such an intuitive and pretty little thing, and it's perfect for yours truly, since I'm not quite ready for an SLR. I'm so excited that I can begin documenting cool things more often and with less personal cost (sorry CVS, your one-hour-photo counter has seen the last of me!). Hopefully my recipes will also become more visually palatable (if that phrase even makes sense).

But for now, despite the dark pictures, here is my recipe for bananas foster bread. I've placed it behind the jump to spare any non-foodies who tagged along thus far. Thanks for letting me rant and rave about camera nonsense!

29 March 2011

journey to india, 1975


One of my favorite new reads is called Let's Get Lost. Blogger Una shares snapshots and memories from her trips to Maui, Buenos Aires, Greece, Iceland, New York, and other fantastic places. But the site contains much more than travel photos; she also creates cool "what to pack" and "what to bring home" posts, and even playlists evocative of each destination. It's the perfect site for a drooling wanderluster to delve through, and I'll definitely be coming back to pore over her recommendations, tips, and tricks if I'm ever able to embark on similar travels.

Her most recent entry is a guest post by her father, who backpacked through India in 1975. The pictures he shared are exquisite and moving.

(All photos by Aleksandar Janicijevic.)

24 March 2011

the good, the bad


1. My computer has a virus for about the third time this year. COME ON!

2. Posting will therefore be on hiatus for a few days.  (Sorry, Vintage Vendredi.)

But also....

4. I'm cooking boatloads of food for our classy-meets-trashy party tonight.
There will be peach bellinis. There will be dancing.

5. Tomorrow I'm going to Washington DC, where I get to visit my best friend, see the cherry blossoms, and eat me some cupcakes.

6. I have so much to be grateful for, especially the amazing people in my life. And my computer will come back to me soon enough. I can be so silly sometimes.

I hope you all have lovely weekends ahead of you too.

23 March 2011

early spring


I am enchanted by early spring. While I long for the painfully brief perfection of temperate April, I love the wet dark branches of March against their pale green buds. The thought of stepping barefoot through dew-chilled grass sends shivers up my spine. Nature's palette is all lush greens, cold blues, and pale purple-pinks.

There's also an ethereal quality to the season. I almost expect a fairy ring to spring up on my lawn overnight!

Images are linked to where I found them.