02 February 2011

mid-century interiors

The WANKEN blog recently presented Mid-Century Modern week, a series of daily posts on mid-century architecture, product design, and more.

The post about interiors was my hands-down favorite:

The colors are to die for, no? This is my dream color scheme. For some reason I thought orange, mustard, brown and avocado green were only rampant in the late '60s and '70s, but I see I was wrong!
View more awesome interiors -- including the pop-art, mod, and space-influenced rooms I didn't include above -- in the original WANKEN post.

A second blog I'm ecstatic to have come across this week is Modern Findings.

Modern Findings showcases vintage mid-century modern pieces, as well as contemporary interiors that were influenced by that period. It's the kind of blog I think I'm going to have to read from beginning to end. Check it out !

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