03 February 2011

mid-century illustration

As much as I obsess over mid-century interiors and furnishings, lately I find myself particularly drawn to the illustration art from that era.

I love the crisp geometric shapes, the interesting textures, the composition, the vivid colors....everything about it.



Sadly, Etsy doesn't have too many mid-century illustrations for sale. But it did lead me to discover an AMAZING artist who was new to me:  Mary Blair.

Mary Blair gained fame by doing incredible concept work for some of Disney's most classic films. She even helped design the It's a Small World After All amusement park ride! After her innovative career with Disney, she continued making personal art and working as a freelance graphic designer.

Her paintings are so gorgeous, with such impeccable composition, that I don't think I can ever see the finished films again without thinking of their beautiful conception.

Alice in Wonderland



Peter Pan

Images found all over:  here, here, here, and here. There's also another great flickr featuring lots of her work.

Of course, a post about mid-century illustration wouldn't be complete without Charley Harper! He is known for his unique, highly stylized art, which he called "minimal realism." His nature-inspired works were published widely in books and magazines throughout his career.

There are so many other flickr groups full of mid-century illustrators and their stunning work. Check out the following links if you want to explore on your own!


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  1. I really love all of the illustrations. I kind of want to decorate with them. They're all beautiful.