07 February 2011

blue valentine

Black Swan is mesmerizing, chilling, creepy-crawly uncomfortable and a guilty pleasure -- all I imagined it to be. It's full of double meanings open to interpretation, making it a literature nerd's dream. It is a feast for the eyes and the ears and made me feel crazy for about two hours afterwards.

But no movie this year got under my skin like Blue Valentine.

Its non-linear timeline, vignettes, cinematography and music are everything I love in a film. I was sitting there entranced, literally thinking wonderingly to myself, "This is my kind of movie."

But then it became too honest about love, too hard. Too many disconcerting moments made me actually debate whether I should remove it from my mental favorites. And then, of course, there was the fact that it broke my heart.

Emotionally frank and exquisitely beautiful, Blue Valentine is a unique microcosm that drew me in. But I'm left devastated and raw, wondering what to do and think about my own life. And as much as I loved it, could I bear the pain of watching it again?

(forest picture from here, motel picture from here,
screencaps from here, here, here and here.)


  1. I went to visit my soon-to-be-married friend for her bachelorette party this weekend, and before the other bridesmaids got there we decided to go to the movies.... and saw Blue Valentine. Ha! We thought it was rather ironic that we were seeing a movie about a doomed relationship right before we celebrated her hopefully non-doomed one.

    I thought it was wonderful, but I agree with you - not the sort of thing I'd want to own for repeat viewings. I'd read about 30 articles about the film before I saw it, so it was interesting to watch it knowing all the method-y work Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling put into their parts.

    And a lighter-note comment - I thought Meghan/Megan was an incredibly strange name for a dog, haha.

  2. Oh dear...yeah, an ironic pre-wedding movie choice for sure!! Haha.

    But to some degree, this movie made me feel even more appreciative of my own relationships and the fragility of love (which is hopefully how your friend took it too!). And sometimes it's strangely comforting when a film affirms that life isn't perfect.

    I agree, it's always too funny when pets get people names. Like they're little furry children!