10 January 2011


This weekend some friends and I cooked up a dinner inspired by Mexican street vendors....yum.

Where we live in North Carolina, there are food trucks springing up all over the place, but some of the first to establish themselves were authentic taco trucks.

The trucks' namesake dish are simple tacos made with corn tortillas, seasoned meat, diced onions and fresh cilantro. We prepared ours similarly, but with specially marinated beef that slow-cooked for hours and made the house smell mouth-wateringly delicious.

We also topped the tacos with avocado (how could we not?), which contrasted beautifully when drizzled with our homemade smoky chipotle sauce (inspired by this recipe).

(and maybe a little inspired by my serious obsession with Buns fries dipped in their chipotle mayo sauce)

an addiction

For our side we ate elotes, the food that actually inspired me to cook a Mexican feast in the first place. When I recently read about these grilled ears of corn - typically slathered with mayonnaise and lime, rolled in cheese, and sprinkled with chile powder, salt and pepper - I was dying to sink my teeth into what obviously seemed like the best flavor combination ever.

Messy but so delicious. (See here for a good recipe.) Next time I might invest in some queso fresco from a Mexican market instead of dusting the elotes with Parmesan cheese, but I bet these would make a great summer side as-is (but hopefully charred on an actual grill versus the rack of my finicky oven).

Red wine and Mayan chocolate cupcakes completed la cena (recipe courtesy of gimme some oven!).

crappy phone photos are the best

Stay tuned for an Inspired By...Mexico post this week to round out this sunny Southern mood of mine!

(Taco truck and elote picture sources:  1, 2, 3.
Our taco pictures: by my lovely sister Kaitlin)

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