12 January 2011

wanderlusting after.... mexico


I've been fascinated with Mexico for a while now: The rich color palette, crackly adobe walls, vibrant cuisine, and entrancing traditional art are all so beautiful.

But most of all I've fallen in love with Mexico's stunning landscape, which sadly I had never really glimpsed until I saw the film Y Tu Mamá También.

 (screencaps from here and here.)

The film does a good job of juxtaposing Mexico's natural and cultural beauty with its political and economic struggles. Where I live I am often reminded of the conditions affecting Mexico, but I am simultaneously drawn to the vivid warmth of the country's spirit and I hope I'll get to visit someday (and scarf down some non-Tex-Mex food!).

Here is a collection of pictures inspired by my own daydreams of Mexico....

(Images link to their sources and continue after the jump.)


  1. I loved looking through all of your inspired by Mexico posts - now I'm definitely inspired as well. Inspired to somehow jet off on a trip there, haha.

  2. Thank you!! I know, it's especially tempting during this cold winter, isn't it?